Business Services


Welcome to Advantage Resources services information page.

Advantage Resources has been built to provide a wide variety of services and capabilities to privately owned businesses in both the commerical and government services sectors.

Advantage Resources also provides a unique suite of services and capabilities directly to federal, state, and local government agencies in support of their live training exercises and event/disaster response logistics requirements.

For our privately owned business clients we have developed a recognized and distinct reputation as a premier provider of Strategic Planning, Business Development, Leadership Development, and Operational/Project Management services designed to help our clients grow their business faster and take their business's farther, as they grow and propser.

Our goal is simple: Help our clients achieve more, and faster, than they ever thought possible. 

Our experience in building and growing business's in the commercial as well as the government services market is extensivea nd our network of associates and resources places us among the very best of providers to privately owned businesses.

 Give us a call today (205) 979-9174, to discuss how any of the below listed services could assist you and your team – initial consultations are always free!