Training and Training Support Services

Training and Training Support Services:

 Exercise Development

  • Complete Exercise Development (Military and HSEEP) from Training Objectives to Individual Tasks

Exercise Management

  • Development of streamlined exercise management system (HICON and EXCON) staffed with SMEs

Observer/Controller-Trainer (OC/T) & Exercise Controller/Evaluator Training

  • Complete training package for OC/T’s and EC/E’s in preparation for specific exercises

OC/T & ECE Management

  • Staffing and management of OC/T’s and/or EC/E’s for all phases of exercises

Collection Management

  • Customized process to collect critical information required by client at command and subordinate levels
  • Development of a customized After Action Review (AAR)
  • Development of a customized After Action Report Exercise Report encompassing all lessons learned and suggested additional training requirements

Role Player Operations

  • Fully Moulaged
  • Injuries tied to scenario with multiple levels of severity (light, moderate, severe trauma).

Exercise Logistics Support