Who is the Maestro in Your Company?



Do any of these comments sound familiar?

  • I’m afraid to take a day off, much less a real vacation… My business would fall apart.

  • I’m as busy as I can be but I’m not getting the important stuff done.

  • I've built my own business … but feel like I am working for someone else

  • I'm afraid my business won’t be ready to sell, because I’m doing everything.

When you first started your business you probably did everything. You had to, because you were the only one. But as your company grew, you brought in staff members to free up your time so you could set the direction and the plan for your business. 

If you are like a lot of business owners, you may have found it hard to move out of the “doer” role and into the “executive” role. This is partially habit and inertia. It can also be your own unwillingness to let go and grow.

The beauty of a team, an organization, or a company, is that with the proper leadership, the company can become larger than the sum of its parts. The First Violinist is a wonderfully talented musician, as is the First Piccolo player, and Trumpet and Clarinet. But it’s not until the Conductor brings them all together and directs them as a whole, that they can produce the beauty of the symphony.

If your business is not providing you with the time, money and freedom that you wanted when you first started, perhaps you need to give up the “First Chair,” find your Inner Maestro and become the Conductor.

To your success….