Business Development Services

Our Business Development Services are designed to provide businesses with a simple, executable Business Development process. Unlike, the typical seminar of theoretical practices, our “Dollars-In-The-Door” program is an on-going engagement with your Business Development staff. We work to develop a tailored process for YOUR business. Then we teach, coach, train, and mentor your Business Development staff in the continuous and consistent application of that process.

We believe that a Business Development process must meet two criteria:

  1. It must be tailored to a company’s specific industry, market, product or service, and simple to execute.
  2. It must provide consistent and predictable growth in new clients, year-in and year-out

Leadership Development Services

Advantage Resources has created a dynamic approach to establishing effective leadership in any organization and at any level. Our Leadership Development and Executive Advisory services are tailored to three levels, so companies can build and integrated leadership model.

  • Level 1 – Initial Leadership Training. Focuses on leaders who are responsible for the first time for other employees work and productivity.
  • Level 2 – Advanced Leadership Training. Focuses on leaders such as Department Heads, Program Managers, Junior Executives who lead specific elements of your business, or who have executive level responsibilities; such as the Vice President of Business Development or Sales; Directors of Operations, etc.
  • Level 3 – Senior Level Leadership Executive Advisory Services. Our Executive Advisors are uniquely qualified based on their experience at all levels including “C-Suite” levels of leadership. This service is designed for the President, Owner, CEO/COO of organizations and incorporates one-on-one interaction several times monthly

Facilitation Services

Our Facilitation Services are structured to assist our clients in developing and executing critical meetings, strategic planning sessions (such as annual “Blue-Sky” meetings) as well as corporate annual meetings, or senior level strategic planning meetings.

We will help organize your meeting to accomplish whatever goal you as the Business Owner are looking for. Our services can also include the full planning and organization of the meeting to include off-site arrangements, food, and social events in addition to the substantive objectives of the gathering and any required or desired break-out sessions.

Our Executive Advisors then Facilitate that meeting to achieve the objective goals while allowing the senior leadership to openly interact as a participant and not overwhelm the flow of ideas and plans.

HR/Recruitment Services

Our Human Resources and Recruiting services help clients develop a simple yet effective methodology for sourcing, screening, qualifying, testing, hiring, and onboarding new employees.

These services are designed to allow companies to quickly find and place high quality candidates in any position required as well as efficiently find and hire new employees to support rapid expansion and scale-up of operations.

Our Executive Advisors will help you and/or your current office administration staff or HR staff to establish a tailored process to help you more efficiently grow your business.


Marketing Services

Our marketing experts are helping our clients establish effective marketing plans, then they are helping them implement and manage them.

We work directly and closely with clients to design and develop their social media sites, then manage them day to day to ensure they get the most exposure – all to drive more business to our clients!

In addition to our digital marketing support, our marketing experts can assist in developing marketing pieces for collateral materials or special events like conventions or conferences –and we have significant resources to get them produced quickly.

Interim-Executive Services

Advantage Resources is uniquely positioned to assist growing companies by providing Interim-Executives (Presidents, EVPs, SVPs, Directors, etc.) to fill unexpected vacancies or to act as a short-term solution while a company searches for permanent senior talent. Either way we bring our full array of resources to growing and expanding companies.