Training Development Services

Advantage Resources training development services are tailored to provide the most realistic, live training events possible. Our philosophy has always been one of total Situational Immersion. Every event, every scenario, and every vignette is designed to look, and feel like the situation would in a real, live setting.

Our training development is always tied directly and specifically to the overall training objectives or the training organizations senior leadership and specific stated training objectives. We then create the conditions that an organization or First Responder is likely to encounter that they would have to execute specific tasks in.

Our Training Developers in conjunction with our Observer Controller/Trainers (OC/Ts) or Exercise Controller/Evaluator EC/Es) then create specific Training Objective Outlines and evaluation sets for each Prime Task and all supporting task; and where required down to the individual task level.

Our OC/T – EC/Es then create their capture plan to observe every task at least three times during and exercise. All observations feed into daily After Action Reviews (AARs) as well as Exercise Final After Action Review (FAAR) and are incorporated into Exercise Reports and Take Home Packages.


Observer Controller/Trainer (OC/T) & Exercise Controller/ Evaluator (EC/E) Training

Advantage Resources provides OC/Ts as well as EC/Es to live, virtual, and simulated training exercises as part of our Training Development and Management services. We also provide training services for client selected OC/Ts or EC/Es.

We will conduct multiple seminars and on-the-ground rehearsals with client selected Observer Controller/Trainers, or Exercise Controller/Evaluators to ensure that they are prepared to execute the duties of controlling an exercise so that it flows according to the Exercise Master Event list and that all activities to be observed and evaluated are done so to the specification of the stated standards for all tasks (individual and collective).

Our OC/T and EC/E academy is designed provide technical subject matter experts (such as First Responders, Incident Command Teams, Police Response Units) the ability to effectively and efficiently control and evaluate your training

Training Support Services

Advantage Resources host specialized Training Support Services designed to enhance the overall effect of live training. Our two most important services include:

  1. Role Players – Fully Moulaged to represent a variety of casualties in First Responder exercises, ethnically and regionally wardrobed Role Players for military unit training, as well as Role Players that create the conditions for mass demonstrations, hostage situations, terrorist attacks, lone-shooter scenarios or any other scenario that is developed for your training. In addition, we can replicate a variety of environment immersion aspects with specially focused Role Players, such as Media (Print as well as Video); local leadership (Mayors, City Leaders, City Department Heads). As clients require, we can also provide specifically trained Role Players to replicate other organizations that would be integrated into a real situation: Higher Headquarters; elements/organizations/units on the left and right; Political Leadership at any level not actually in the training group, organizations both civil, governmental, and military in support.

    All Role Player operations are tied directly to the specific scenario being enacted. Our Casualty Role Players are tied to a matrix of multiple levels of injury severity (Light, Moderate, Severe Trauma) which is tied directly to the scenario and Master Event List. This ensures Role Players do not inadvertently effect the direction of the exercise or the observation and evaluation of any designated tasks by presenting wounds not consistent with the scenario or the mechanics of injury.

  2. Training environment effects to include smoke, flame, explosion simulations.

Training Logistics Services

Our extensive logistics background enables us to support our Training clients with effective and streamlined logistics support for their events. We take of logistics, so you can focus on what’s most important – The Training of Your Organization.

  • Exercise Logistics Services Provided:
  • Food Service (for exercise staff or training clients)/Facility and Field services
  • Billeting support
  • Transportation
  • VIP Management/Control
  • Exercise Registration and access control
  • Field Hygiene Operations (Portable Showers, “Porta-Johns”, Portable Field Wash stations)

Logistics Support Services

Advantage Resources provides a range of Logistic Support Services that help clients ensure outstanding performance on complex contracts and tasks. The real strength of Advantage Resources is our people. Our strong team-oriented culture embraces innovation, improvement, and teamwork with our clients to produce outstanding results. Because we designed Advantage Resources to manage complex and demanding logistics operations and solve complex problems, we employ seasoned, experienced logisticians, with proven performance from diverse disciplines. Moreover, our staff comes primarily from the customer base we serve, which means they understand our customers’ concerns, problems, and needs. Our logisticians constantly seek to integrate proven techniques and solutions with best practices from the military, government, and commercial sectors to produce superior results.

Services Provided by Advantage Resources Inc.

  • Project and program management
  • Integrated logistics services (ILS)
  • Logistics sustainment planning
  • Logistics planning and analysis
  • Purchasing and supply chain management
  • Inventory control and material management
  • Warehousing and distribution services
  • Vehicle and mission support equipment maintenance
  • Vehicle operations.

Project & Program Management Services

Advantage Resources has a long history of success in managing projects and programs for our clients. Often, growing clients capture more business than they have the immediate capacity to manage. Advantage Resources steps in to provide temporary or long-term project/program management services in both the government services and commercial sectors.

We provide support for every phase of a project from Phase-In to Phase-Out. We act as your company’s Action Agent with your clients project leads, Task Monitors, Contract Specialists, Contracting Officers, or end client users.

When your company has increased its internal staff to accommodate continued management of a project, we assist in a “Battle Hand-Off” phase to ensure a client’s new Project or Program Manager can "hit the ground running" with no reduction in quality or performance.