Facilitation Services

One of the best ways to create an effective, well thought-out plan is to involve all the key leaders and personnel in your business in the process. One of the worst ways to try to accomplish this, as the Owner of the business, is to try to run that meeting yourself! 

If you run the meeting, people will hesitate to get creative and will have difficulty expressing innovative ideas. But if you engage a trained Faciliator for your "Blue Sky" Strategy session(s), you not only can participate as part of the leadership team, you get the best ideas from everyone that you have included in the senior leadership counsels! At the end of the day, your still the boss and get to make the final decision, but you gain the benefit of a lot of creative people!

Our Facilitation Services are structured to assist our clients in developing and executing critical meetings, strategic planning sessions (such as annual “Blue-Sky” meetings) as well as corporate annual meetings, or senior level strategic planning meetings.

We will help organize your meeting to accomplish whatever goal you as the Business Owner are looking for. Our services can also include the full planning and organization of the meeting to include off-site arrangements, food, and social events in addition to the substantive objectives of the gathering and any required or desired break-out sessions.

Our Executive Advisors then Facilitate that meeting to achieve the objective goals while allowing the senior leadership to openly interact as a participant and not overwhelm the flow of ideas and plans.

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